Possible Cover Shot of Adam Young, vocals and music of Owl City
Adam Young, born July 5, 1986 is the man behind the Owl City name. Many people ask who are the Owl City band members, but there are no multiple Owl City members. Unlike most groups, Adam Young is the Owl City lead singer and sole member of the band. Young chose not to use his own name to talk about his musical act but rather gave it a name like most bands do. The interesting oddity that is Adam Young and Owl City just starts with the name. Owl City was formed in early 2007. Fueled early on by a loyal and broad reaching MySpace following, Owl City and Adam Young's vision for what and where is music could be started to take off.

Stylistically, Adam Young has been compared to several other Electronica Pop bands and artists. Bands like Owl City include Lights, Mika, The Postal Service and Ben Gibbard. However, most comparisons stop there. Adam Young is known for drawing on not only traditional inspirations and conventional song subject matter like love and romance but also for drawing on inspiration from urban design, the elements, travel, and dental care. His unique ability to take the common place and turn it into an interesting and unique piece of music is what has set him apart from his contemporaries and truly makes him a unique artist.

Owl City gets its unique techno-inspired, disco-spirited pop sound from Adam Young's tenor voice and his uncanny ability to sit at a piano and make it sound like an instrument no one else has ever played. This sound can be especially heard on tracks like "Fireflies" and "Hot Air Balloon". Owl City has three albums, Of June, Maybe I'm Dreaming and Ocean Eyes. Each album is a progression of the Owl City sound and style though the three seem to be different statements of a similar message. Adam Young has been clear since his start in the music industry that although he is a devout Christian he does not want to be put in one box as far as his music goes, it is not Christian Pop, it is not Electronica, it is not Disco Pop, it isn't Synthetically Engineered it simply is music by Owl City.

Adam Young has a major sweet tooth and can often be seen enjoying candy on his tour bus. This summer Adam Young will be touring Owl City all of the United States. To read a more information about the band, check out our Owl City bio, and buy Owl City Tickets today and be a part of one of the most unique and interesting sounds on the music scene today!


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